Nevada GOP Primary: US Senate Candidate and Trump Ambassador to Iceland Jeff Gunter Takes on Sam Brown

The Battle for Nevada GOP Primary: Jeff Gunter vs. Sam Brown – A Closer Look

The 2024 Nevada Primary Election is on June 11, 2024. Dr. Jeff Gunter is the only America First and Pro-Trump Republican in the 2024 Nevada Primary Election Race. In Washington, DC, Jordan Conradson, The Gateway Pundit correspondent, spoke with Dr. Jeff Gunter celebrating the win of the U.S. Supreme Court unanimous ruling 9-0 in favor of Trump remaining on the Presidential candidates ballot. Dr. Jeff Gunter stated, “It’s election interference. Don’t Forget it. They’re trying to stop Donald J. Trump, and we’re stopping them.”

The Rise of Sam Brown: Who is funding U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Brown?

Let’s take a closer look at who’s funding Sam Brown. The Gateway Pundit reported, Sam Brown raised $3.04 million with a new record for fourth-quarter fundraising. Sam Brown’s most prominent donors include globalist Koch organization money and individuals who have donated to Mitch McConnell, John Bolton, Nikki Haley, Bill Cassidy, and John Thune reports Laura Loomer. Sam Brown is endorsed by Americans for Prosperity Action, aka Americans for Chinese Prosperity, the Koch-backed group that supports Nikki Haley. John Thune has refused to endorse President Trump and is rumored to be Mitch McMonnell’s handpicked successor. Republican Senator Bill Cassidy called on Trump to drop the presidential race and let’s not forget that he voted guilty during President Trump’s impeachment trial. One of the biggest donors according to FEC records is Steven Webster, along with other donations to Nikki Haley and Bill Cassidy. Other top funders are Mitch McConnell, Gregory Ciongoli, and Thomas McInerney, a John Bolton megadonor. John Bolton backed DeSantis for President and recently said that Trump is unfit to be president. Sam Brown is not an America First Republican as claimed.

The Showdown in Nevada – Can Jeff Gunter Flip the Seat Against Sam Brown?

President Trump recently hosted a fundraiser in support of Dr. Jeff Gunter and appears to be taking note of Sam Brown’s swampy record. Dr. Jeff Gunter stated when asked about President Trump’s expecting endorsement that he is an America First candidate and one of his most loyal supporters, “Just like Las Vegas, what you talk to President Trump stays with President Trump.”

With the historic Supreme Court victory, Dr. Jeff Gunter stated that we are taking back America, and I’ll be the next U.S. Senator from Nevada. Sam Brown, Scam Brown, has run for office multiple times and has not won a primary election, according to Ballotpedia. Dr. Jeff Gunter’s U.S. Senate Candidate opponent does not have a plan to end the war in Ukraine and would give more resources leaving the US Southern Border wide open. While Dr. Jeff Gunter commented that he would stop the conflict and support President Donald Trump to reach a negotiated settlement with hard and tough diplomacy taking America back.

Dr. Jeff Gunter is a medical doctor who specializes in Dermatology, and as the next U.S. Senator from Nevada will support the block of federal funding for any mandates for the vaccine and masks. The real science is that the experimental vaccine and mask hoax do not stop infection or transmission of a virus, it is control and generations will pay the price. Biden’s federal government and Anthony Fauci ignored the science, unconstitutionally locked down the country, and forced medical mandates on the people. Unlike Sam Brown’s China special interests, U.S. Ambassador Jeff Gunter was called out by the CCP for calling COVID the “China Virus” and for continuing to stand up to China, putting America first by carrying out the great policies of President Trump.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: US Senate Candidate and Trump Ambassador to Iceland Jeff Gunter Takes on Republican Sam Brown Who is Funded by Koch and Nikki Haley Donors in Nevada GOP Primary in Bid to Flip Seat (VIDEO)

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