29-year Rural Nevada Doctor | America First Diplomat | Proud Nevadan and Patriot

DR. JEFF GUNTER'S PRIORITIES 29-year Rural Nevada Doctor | America First Diplomat | Proud Nevadan and Patriot Securing our Border and our Sovereignty

Securing Our Border and Our Sovereignty

Under President Trump’s leadership, the U.S. border was more secure than it’s ever been in our nation’s history. It took President Biden no time at all to completely dismantle the progress made and make the border situation a danger to all Americans. He has re-opened our borders to millions of illegal immigrants turning every state into a border state. Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen have allowed the cartels and human and drug trafficking to thrive on an unprecedented scale.

America was built as a beacon of hope to those around the world. But we must have those seeking a better life follow our rules of law. 

As your Senator, I will:

  • Finish the border wall
  • Increase critical funding for high-tech surveillance and border patrol agents
  • Pass enhanced authorities needed for the Department of Homeland Security to properly carry out its mission
  • Pass merit-based immigration reform
  • Expedite the deportation of criminals
  • End federal benefits for sanctuary cities
  • Make ending human trafficking a top national security priority

Unleash American Energy

President Biden has declared war on the industries fueling America. We must regain energy independence to protect our national security, reduce costs for everyday Americans, and grow our economy.

As Nevadans, we know what an all-of-the-above strategy in energy sources means. Over one-third of our power comes from renewable sources including solar, geothermal, wind, and hydroelectric. As technological advancements continue, these options will continue to grow in usage, storage, cost, and output efficiency. But we must maintain all options to have energy independence.

As your Senator, I will:

  • Fill the Russian natural gas void in Europe and beyond
  • Become a leading hydrocarbon exporter
  • Increase production of all domestic energy resources
  • Fight the Socialist Green New Deal
  • Remove the bureaucracies stopping the use of nuclear power
  • Support building and revitalizing oil refineries – our last one was built in 1976!
  • Invest in new technologies and speed the advancement of natural and clean energy sources and storage

Sound Healthcare Policy

We need physicians to set our healthcare policy, not Washington bureaucrats and politicians. Nevada consistently ranks at the bottom of the nation in doctors per capita and there are ZERO Democrat Senators that are medical doctors.

I have practiced medicine in Nevada and across the Southwest for over 30 years. I’ve had clinics in Pahrump, Henderson, Yerington, and Gardnerville. I treated, healed and saved countless lives. And if there is one thing I know for certain, if you mix politics with medicine – you get politics, not patient care.

It is time we remove the government from healthcare and improve affordability and access to greater choices. 

As your Senator, I will:

  • Support price transparency so patients can make informed choices and end surprise billing
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Reduce government bureaucracies and involvement that drives costs up needlessly and slow patient care
  • Protect pre-existing conditions
  • Support tort reform ending defensive medical practices that drive up costs
  • Pass interstate health insurance plans

Make America Prosperous Again

Every day, many Nevadans have to choose between food on their table or gas in their car. They are watching their wages stagnate while costs are spiraling everywhere. Meanwhile, politicians in Washington continue to recklessly spend on programs that don’t help the American people. They are growing bureaucracies to support the globalist elite agenda over that of the citizens. It’s time we bring back common sense to Washington and a fiscal responsibility focused on Americans first.

If we don’t address our sluggish economy, spiraling inflation, disastrous federal budgets and policies stifling the American economy, we are headed for disaster. If we don’t address these issues now, then when?

As your next Senator, I will:

  • Support a balanced budget with strict spending controls, including budget caps, targeted cuts and elimination of unneeded government agencies
  • Actually read the bills and amendments before voting on them
  • Implement pro-growth tax policies
  • Prioritize American workers
  • Protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare for our seniors and disabled citizens
  • Invest in infrastructure
  • Regulate AI
  • Fair tip income reporting for our service industry workers
  • Fight public manipulation by special interests and censorship
  • Strengthen education and workforce development
  • Restore American energy independence
  • Protect small business – the backbone of America

Fair Trade that Puts America First

As a former Ambassador appointed by President Trump, I saw firsthand how unbalanced and harmful our foreign trade policies are for America. For far too long, we’ve allowed China to hollow out our American manufacturing base and use unfair trade practices and currency manipulation at the cost of everyday citizens. That must stop now and our foreign trade policies must put America First!

Under President Trump’s leadership, I was proud to compete with great powers China and Russia in the Arctic and the Great High North. 

As your next Senator, I will:

  • Prioritize American workers and industries
  • Strengthen domestic manufacturing
  • Enforce trade laws and regulation
  • Protect American intellectual property
  • Invest in critical industries such as technology, defense, and infrastructure
  • Defend American small businesses, family farms, and ranches
  • Ban the buying of farmland by the Chinese Communist Party
  • Promote Buy American first
  • Demand fair competition on the global trade markets

Fight the War on American Values

Make no mistake, there is a war on our American values. Wokeness is pitting our people against each other and pushing values antithetical to the American way of life. Cancel culture is ending careers and trying to shut down small businesses.

This war against wokeness, cancel culture, and the erosion of our American values may be the most important fight this century. It is critical we don’t give in so that America remains the beacon of freedom and opportunity for all. By standing up against this radical lurch to the Marxist Left, we can protect the principles that have made America a symbol of liberty and a source of inspiration for people around the world!

As your Senator, I will:

  • Protect our children’s innocence
  • Stand for family values
  • Protect free speech and defend the First Amendment
  • Combat ideological bias in our education, media, and government
  • Defend our Constitutional liberties, Judeo-Christian values and principles, and protect our great American heritage
  • Teach reading, arithmetic, and science, not political agendas
  • Strengthen civic education so people remember how great America truly is

Protecting our Communities

We’ve all seen crises in San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, D.C. and so many more. Crime is running rampant. Homelessness is leading to tent cities, people doing drugs out in the open and deadly invisible doses flooding our streets. We see it here in Nevada too. Homelessness has grown exponentially in Las Vegas and Reno. Our communities are struggling, violent crime is up, and people do not feel safe. And for a state that relies heavily on tourism, we must ensure this is being addressed. Nevadans deserve safe communities and our economy depends on it!

We need to have compassion for those struggling and solutions for those that need real mental help. We must come together on these policies to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities.

As your Senator, I will:

  • Make ending human trafficking a national security top priority
  • Stop the defund the police movement
  • Work to strengthen law enforcement and Back the Blue
  • Invest in crime prevention and substance abuse programs
  • Promote affordable housing solutions
  • Expand mental health services
  • Strengthen community partnerships at all levels
  • Support local communities and counties and law enforcement impacted by interstate transient travel and trafficking, particularly along I-80

Taking Care of Our Heroes

I am profoundly proud of my father’s service in the United States Military and used to sneak into his closet as a kid and try on his uniform. While in my medical residency training, I immediately volunteered at the outbreak of the Gulf War and provided medical care to our soldiers manning Patriot missile batteries. I spent my 30th birthday in a bunker with a gas mask on under scud missile threat and affectionately remember it to be the best birthday of my life.

America should be doing everything possible to honor the brave men and women who served our Nation. Those who have sacrificed for our freedom deserve timely and low-cost healthcare, choice and competition, employment opportunities, and assistance in transitioning back into civilian life. It is our moral obligation to fulfill our commitment to those that served, ensuring their sacrifices are not forgotten, their contributions are honored, and ensuring their well-being.

As a doctor, I have proudly helped thousands of Veterans with medical care, often at no cost to them. 

As your Senator, I will:

  • Improve Veterans’ healthcare by enhancing quality, accessibility and timeliness
  • Increase employment opportunities through business incentives, job training and skills development programs
  • Ensure Veterans have access to mental health and suicide prevention programs
  • Streamline the claims process reducing bureaucratic hurdles
  • Strengthen the VA and improve oversight, accountability and transparency
  • Foster a culture of honoring and appreciating those that served

Fair, Transparent and Timely Elections

There is no correlation between universal mail ballots and increased voter participation. It is wasteful, expensive, and messy, littering apartment complexes with unused ballots. Here in Nevada, AB321 will cost taxpayers $21 million dollars through 2028 in exchange for nominal voter participation.

Voting maintains stability and peace in our democratic republic by keeping politicians accountable. But for it to work, we must ensure the integrity of our election processes and timely results. This is vital to upholding the democratic principles that form the foundation of this great nation.

As your next Senator, I will:

  • Mandate national voter ID
  • Support Election DAY not Election Week
  • Strengthen voter identification and signature matching
  • Secure and modernize the voting systems
  • Enhance election auditing and oversight
  • Address mail-in voting security and waste and the effective cleaning of voter rolls
  • Ban ballot harvesting (though we will compete with Democrats and beat them at their own game until new legislation is passed)

Protecting Parental Rights & Educational Freedom

No child’s education should be determined by the zip code, economic status, or the neighborhood they live in. Education provides the fundamental role of shaping the future of our nation. We must protect education freedom and parents’ rights to make ALL decisions regarding their children’s education. Every child deserves access to high-quality education tailored to their unique abilities, needs, and values. Our priority should be enhancing the success and well-being of students, not protecting the unions and bureaucratic institutions.

As your next Senator, I will:

  • Protect our children’s innocence
  • Support school choice
  • Promote proud American history and mandate our pledge of allegiance
  • Eliminate critical race theory
  • Eliminate the useless and unneeded Dept. of Education
  • Support parental choice and protect access to various education formats
  • Reduce the influence of teacher unions
  • Support alternative teacher certifications
  • Promote school competition and innovation
  • Safeguard parental rights in making education decisions
  • Strengthen vocational and technical education

America First Foreign Policy

As the only candidate in the race with foreign policy experience, I will get to work with President Trump on day one to end the war in Ukraine and solidify a lasting peace. We are witnessing a trench warfare stalemate reminiscent of World War I. President Trump’s tenure was the most peaceful in modern history. We must return to a policy of peace through strength, not stumble aimless and confused. I have ancestors that came from Odessa, Ukraine, I firmly believe we must end the death and destruction and that only President Trump can. We all remember how in negotiations he showed a Taliban leader a satellite picture of their house – message received!

As your next Senator, I will:

  • End the war
  • Support a lasting peace
  • Ensure peace through strength
  • Maintain our Super Power status against the Chinese Communist Party
  • Rebuild our military and values
  • Ensure NATO pays their fair share
  • Stand strong with Israel
  • Reinforce relationships with our allies

Protecting Liberty

I will always protect our Constitutional Liberties such as our Second Amendment and Free Speech and fight government encroachment and overreach.