U.S. Ambassador Gunter’s Upgrades at Keflavik Air Base

U.S. Ambassador Gunter oversaw $92.8 million in infrastructure modifications at the Keflavik Air Base, which he conceived, executed, and implemented. These projects will strengthen Iceland’s and NATO’s capabilities, enhancing the region’s security. He also backed the United States’ participation in the 2019 NATO Air Policing Mission, which ensured US and North Atlantic security in the Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap. U.S. Ambassador Gunter backed the United States’ NATO Air Policing Mission for 2020, which will help to secure the region. The expedition also benefited the economy of Keflavik and Iceland as a whole. By coordinating high-level discussions with the United States Department of Treasury for Ministry of Justice officials in Washington, DC, Iceland was able to graduate from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) “grey list.”

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