U.S. Ambassador Gunter’s Initiative to Combat Covid-19 Spread

The Embassy empowered staff to work remotely as part of the COVID-19 response, making it the first U.S. embassy in the world to do so, allowing the Embassy’s mission to continue safely even in the thick of the pandemic. U.S. Ambassador Gunter built good contacts with Icelandic healthcare leaders, offering assistance where appropriate and informing US lawmakers about local trends. Throughout the pandemic, this has been a critical component of US health diplomacy.

U.S. Ambassador Gunter created a policy and technical solutions to allow all staff to use virtual meeting alternatives early in the epidemic. Which may have had a role in why there was no spread at the embassy throughout his tenure as Ambassador. Even under these trying times, the Embassy’s mission was able to continue because to the wide range of technologies now accessible to US diplomats, including teleconferencing applications and equipment.

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