U.S. Ambassador Gunter’s Health Diplomacy Initiative

The Health Diplomacy Initiative of Ambassador Gunter was launched in September of this year. As the COVID-19 epidemic progressed, this project proved to be a crucial indication of US leadership in health diplomacy. Donated iPads and video game consoles to the Children’s Hospital’s oncology ward. The gifts were a show of friendship from the United States to all Icelanders, as well as an awareness that children like these are the future and must not be ignored in the COVID-19 context.

U.S. Ambassador Gunter also provided medical equipment that allows medical providers at the Children’s Hospital to locate youngsters’ veins more quickly and with less invasiveness, reducing worry and agony for the children. This equipment will increase the quality of care for Iceland’s future generations and is just another example of the United States’ health diplomacy initiatives. In September 2019, U.S. Ambassador Gunter purchased a “Skybox” to accommodate patients, their families, and Embassy visitors for a Euro 2020 soccer match at Iceland’s national stadium. Such events highlight the United States’ ongoing commitment to improving the health of all Icelanders, as well as the Embassy of the United States in Reykjavik’s passion for Icelandic soccer. This exemplary action truly showcased the care and passion U.S. Ambassador Gunter has for not only his patients but for all who need it.

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