U.S. Ambassador Gunter Highlights U.S. Science Investments to Inspire

U.S. Ambassador Gunter Promoting Scientific Advancements

Ambassador Gunter gave an introduction to National Science Foundation Director Fran Cordova at the Arctic Circle Assembly. Ambassador Gunter spoke to an influential group of leaders and professionals about the United States’ Arctic science investments. This would spark motivation and inspire scientific advancements in which case would lead to new innovating ideas that would not only be a great deal for science but also spark new roadmaps to bolster economic growth as well. This was also another great example of how U.S. Ambassador Gunter strengthened the relationship between the Arctic Nation and The United States.

How U.S. Ambassador Gunter Utilized a Memorandum of Understanding

Assisted in the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding between Iceland and the United States by coordinating diplomatic efforts between the US National Park Service and key Icelandic ministries (currently being finalized and awaiting signature). America is the world leader in sustainable tourism, and we want to share our knowledge with our Icelandic friends. In October 2019, Icelandic park rangers will be sent to both the New River Gorge and the Olympic National Parks. Representatives from Icelandic national parks learnt about park administration and the national park system in the United States to help with ongoing preparations for an Icelandic National Park Service.

In November 2019, the Environmental Ministry and Thingvellir National Park hosted US National Park Service Deputy Chief for Public Risk Management Jennifer Proctor at a program for Icelandic park rangers. Given the growth of Iceland’s tourism industry over the last decade, the seminar provided an excellent opportunity to discover ways for addressing visitor safety issues.

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